How To Design Attractive Custom Barbie Doll Boxes At The Best Price?

Custom barbie doll boxes are the best way to showcase your dolls. And it is available in different styles, stocks, colors, and designs. Besides, the durable boxes protect the doll from damage. Hence the dolls remain safe during shipment, stacking, and offloading. Since the dolls are the girl’s best friend, it is important to design attractive packaging. Therefore our experts have gathered key points that will help you design eye-catching boxes. Read this blog till the end and learn more about it.

Right-size custom barbie doll boxes

Worldwide customers prefer perfect-sized custom barbie doll boxes. They look presentable and grab the buyer’s attention. Most importantly, it promotes smart packaging and lowers packaging waste. Whether single or multiple barbie dolls, the right size packaging is important. It is a perfect fit and provides the utmost protection to the dolls. Besides, it elevates the unboxing experience and makes them happy.

Use of Premium Stock

Do you know that you can make your brand profitable with eco-friendly custom barbie doll boxes? Yes, that is 100% true. The thing is that once the customers are impressed with the packaging quality, they turn into regular customers. They appreciate it and even promote it on social media.

Therefore you can create a positive brand identity with the following packaging substrates.
  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated

Do you know what is common among the stocks mentioned above? They are 100% eco-friendly. And that makes it both planet and user-friendly.

Custom Barbie Doll Boxes With Inserts

The inserts are a must whether it is electronic, cosmetic, or toy packaging. They are a perfect organizer and divide the box into different sections. Hence you can place the dolls and their accessories in a single box. Moreover, the inserts add more strength to the custom printed barbie doll boxes. Its cushioning effect prevents the dolls and their accessories from getting damaged. And it keeps the different items from bumping into one another. Do you know that custom dividers are also available in eco-friendly material? Yes, you can order inserts in cardboard, rigid, kraft, or corrugated. Lastly, it offers amazing printing options as well. For example, you can make your barbie packaging eye-catching with custom printed or colored inserts. You can add a logo, interesting images, or information.

Barbie Packaging With Handles

Customers, especially the kids, love handy packaging. When they spot their favorite toy, they get super excited. So all they want is to grab the box and open it. And for that, custom barbie doll boxes with handles are the best. The kraft or cardboard handle is placed at the top, making the packaging convenient. Hence the customers can easily carry the heavy and lightweight boxes. And the best part is that the colorful handles improve the box’s functionality and aesthetics. Thus it sets apart your barbie packaging and grabs the customer’s attention.

Add a WOW factor with beautiful custom barbie doll packaging

There is no denying that the dolls are a symbol of love, happiness, and friendship. Girls love to dress up their dolls and play with them. For them, it’s a valuable asset, and they try to protect them in the best way. Whether the girls are traveling or having a sleepover, they always bring along their dolls. And they ensure that they are well-packed. And for that, they prefer durable and stylish packaging.

So we have listed the top-selling custom barbie doll packaging styles. Let us take a look.

  • Boxes with PVC sheet
  • Straight tuck end
  • Two-piece
  • Tray and sleeve
  • Boxes with handles

Design frustration-free packaging

Customers don’t like excessive or complicated packaging styles. They want a lightweight, easy-to-open, and use box style. Hence whether it’s a two-piece, reverse tuck end, or boxes with windows, it should provide ease to the buyers. It means that they shouldn’t get bruises or cuts while opening the custom printed barbie doll packaging. And for that, various elements are important, like the box style, shape, stock, and add-ons. Smartly designed packaging is the cost-effective option. You don’t need filling material to fill the box space; thus, it makes your packaging lightweight. As a result, it reduces the shipment fare.

Order Wholesale Barbie Doll Boxes

It is admitted that the girls love to play with dolls. Hence small to top doll brands manufacture them in bulk quantities. And ordering wholesale barbie doll boxes is the best way to stay on budget. When you order wholesale packaging, you get amazing benefits. You get volume discounts and reduced prices per box. Moreover, it lowers fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and labor cost. Hence it is a complete win for the planet and the brand owners. Last but not least, it gives you peace of mind. You don’t need to reorder or track the custom barbie doll boxes shipment frequently.

Why choose us?

iCustomBoxes is famous for its creative, functional, and sustainable packaging designs. We manufacture custom printed barbie doll boxes as per the client’s needs. Besides, our packaging team is available 24/7 to assist you with filling out the quotation form till the shipment arrives. You can share the designs of barbie packaging, and our team will look into it. If it needs to revise, our graphic designers will sort it out. And in the end, we will share the final version (2D and 3D samples). Once you are satisfied with the image sharpness, font readability, and box design, we start the main process, i.e., the production phase. You can talk to our packaging team via email, call, or live chat during the customization process. Send your email to or dial +1-800-347-2197. We promise to resolve all your queries and deliver excellent services to your doorsteps.