From City to Suburbs: Finding Your Dream Home in Canberra’s Top-Rated Areas

When everyone was struggling to decide between Sydney and Melbourne as the capital of Australia, Canberra was built. It is the well-planned capital city of Australia, with a population of approximately 462,000. 

Overall, the city is beautiful but expensive. Even the cost of houses is high, especially the ones on rent. 

So are you thinking about moving to the capital, Canberra? In this article, you will read about the most appropriate suburbs in the city that cover the basic necessities of living. 

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This suburb is located on the southern side of Canberra. This beautiful area is on the wish list of many people in Australia. Yarralumla’s value is pretty high, and it might continue to increase in the future. The suburb is actually tightly held but is still loved by the buyers. 

Yarralumla is also famous for the trendy spots of the country. There are many cafés, local shops, pharmacies, barbers, butchers, a bakery, and the famous Turkish kebab restaurant. 

It is observed that the prices in the Yarralumla suburb are going well, making it a reliable place to live in Canberra. Hire your interstate removalist now before the prices of properties in Yarralumla get higher than your budget. 


The leafy and peaceful suburb of Canberra, Curtin, is a reliable place to live. If we compare, it is a perfect location for any civilian in Canberra. It is a 7 minutes drive to the city, Woden is just 5 minutes away; Manuka is also near; and, most importantly, Calvary John James Canberra Hospital is also not that far. 

The basic requirements of town people are fulfilled with the help of local shops, multiple cafés, post offices, grocery stores, pharmacies, barbers, bakeries, a newsagent, and a florist. 

The suburb is calm and quiet. Moving there can be a great idea as the prices are almost close to other suburbs. You can also look for many commercial move options in Curtin, Canberra. 


It is located in the northern part of Canberra. It has been established and has been a great success. It was started in 2010. It is known as a shopping complex that covers many needs of the people in Cairo. The shopping complex has a variety of restaurants and cafés, gyms, and fitness areas, as well as a good bike path. 

The area is great for families, especially young ones. The peaceful environment meets all the needs of a perfect family. It has a community garden, a medical centre, and a childcare centre. 


It is also located in the northern area of Canberra. This suburb is good for those who are social and are most likely to participate in various things and activities. Due to this property, the suburb of Forde was ranked first on the Australian Bureau of Statistics Socio-Economic areas. 

There are community parks, schools, hiking and biking areas, and pubs, and you can walk to the village centre easily. 

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The green area of Canberra is a suburb in high demand. The people living there are considered lucky to have all the basic living requirements within walking distance. All kinds of educational institutions, including the Australian National University, are a great advantage. Currently, many new developments are taking place, including new residential properties and commercial areas. 

It is a suburb that, in comparison to others, is the most convenient place to live in Canberra. It is not that far from the city and has a peaceful, leafy environment. 


Canberra is the beautiful capital city of Australia. In this article, you have read about the top suburbs of Canberra that are worth living in or investing in. They are in high demand and are known all over the country for their specialties. So if you are going to move your residence to a peaceful suburb that meets all the living requirements, these suburbs can be a great option for you. The K&M Removalists will play a good role in helping you move out.