Is Marketing In The Digital Era A Challenge?


Unraveling The Most Common Marketing Challenges & Seeking Their Solutions

In the cut-throat competition and ever-evolving digital environment, marketing is not child’s play. However, many startups must have surprised you by achieving massive success. No wonder success can be achieved only through relentless hard work, unwavering passion, and unshaken dedication. Also, it is crucial to understand and cope with today’s digital challenges.

Generating high traffic and converting them into leads is our dream for all of us. Nonetheless, digital challenges make us reluctant to take a step forward. In such circumstances, it is vital to keep an eye on emerging digital trends and real-world challenges to get over the finish line.

“From struggling with competitors to figuring out the right strategy, staying aware of the digital obstacles is the key.” Says the Co-founder of prominent marketing agency DigiTech Visions, Toheed Mursaleen. His decades-long experience enabled him to gain a good knowledge of the upheavals in the digital world.

He points out some major stumbling blocks that lead to retard your growth in marketing.

 Generating Quality Leads Can Be Challenging

According to Toheed, the digital expert, the biggest ever challenge in digital marketing is generating leads. Also, marketers face trouble getting traffic and ultimately do not make it to lead generation. For these reasons, they need help to drive revenues and achieve their marketing targets.

The Australian-based digital expert suggests that marketers should be aware of the target market before proceeding to anything else. In addition, they should focus on producing quality content and fulfilling their genuine desires. Besides, creating a buyer’s persona is vital to understand their needs.

Eavesdrop Your Rivals For Emerging Trends

Warriors are not scared of competition. Right? The digital marketing realm is a tough battle of trends, and staying ahead of the game is crucial for any business. That’s why it’s important to partner with a top-notch SEO agency to help your website rank higher in search engine results pages. Additionally, having a reliable web design agency by your side can ensure that your website is not only visually appealing but also optimized for user experience and conversions. Don’t miss out on the benefits of these emerging trends, and stay ahead of your competition with the right digital marketing partners.

“Outdated marketing techniques are enough to turn off potential clients.” Says Dawood Ali Mian, the CEO & Co-founder of DigiTech Visions Australia. “We have experienced how important it is to eavesdrop on your competitors and take a sneak-peak at their strategies.” He adds further.

Keeping up with the trends and knowing competitors’ techniques is inevitable for business profitability.

Losing The Focus Means Losing The Battle

Marketing can be adrenaline-rushing and equally terrifying. You may lose your calm and focus once in a while. Consequently, you do not work on the areas that are worth considering. At times, surpassing such barriers and concentrating on the right things becomes challenging. Such shortcomings have nothing but disaster written all over them.

Co-founder of DigiTech Visions. Toheed Mursaleen suggests an effective formula for overcoming such issues. According to him, establishing a schedule, avoiding multitasking, and working in smaller pieces can help gain focus and productivity for marketers.


Do Not Overlook The Hazards Of Cybersecurity

Security Blog states that 68% of corporate owners have expressed their concerns about increasing Cyber security crimes. While we believe that information is the oxygen of the modern age, cyber threats may strangle marketers’ dreams.

To overcome security challenges in marketing, it is necessary to keep the software updated. On top of it, encryption and backing up data can help avoid data breaches and information loss.

In the world of cyber attacks and security breaches, it is essential not to spend more on coffee than on IT security.

Overcome The Pessimistic Marketing Approach

An optimistic spirit is all that you need to take the first leap in marketing. In addition, it paves a path for the marketing strategy to survive and thrive. However, when the situation feels like dragging on too much, the marketers may take a U-turn to pessimism. That is where substantial marketing challenges give birth.

However, according to the co-founder of DigiTech Visions, taking an optimistic approach to leave no stone unturned in your marketing efforts and using pessimism to avoid a situation like in the fable “Ant & Grasshopper” can be a good idea. 

 Think Big, But Start Small. LEAD THE CHANGE!

In a nutshell, it is not about “eat, sleep, marketing, repeat.” Considering the emerging challenges and looking forward to tackling them is the key. Also, keep in mind that the marketing ride has never been a smooth sail. Highs and lows always accompany you from the time you start from scratch. Also, the competition gets an inch bigger with every new dawn. Therefore, from brand awareness to lead generation, you encounter mighty systoles and diastole at every step. So, keep your heart big and your mind heedful.