Pioneering Dubai’s Automotive Business: The Bona Fide Magnifico

“A young entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Azhar Abbas, owner of Quick Fit Autos: A true

prodigy in Dubai’s Automotive Industry!”

Visionaries pave successful Itineraries in Silence

“Powerful personalities make places and people powerful”

When it’s about Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Neuroticism & leadership qualities, Azhar Abbas, the owner of Quick Fit Autos International has set an example, pioneering Dubai’s Automotive Business like a storm! The Bentley owners firmly believe that passion when pursued as a profession is the only reason giving you the extreme adrenaline of being a successful person.

Optimistic Abilities are the real mark of a superior personality!

“For Dime to be earned, Time needs to be turned!”

Young aspirants can take heart from Azhar Abbas, a young entrepreneur who turned his passion for cars into a pioneering automotive business in Dubai’s burgeoning metropolis. But deriving your passion into an established business somehow doesn’t work that way; you must strive diligently if you really want to live life to the fullest.

After completing BSc in Finance from Bradford University and MSc in Finance from Brunel University London, he came to Dubai with sharp eyes and visionary thoughts to lead Automotive Business.

A strong education and powerful background can add to the probability of your successful career but it doesn’t guarantee you success, as your personality is always a decisive factor. He opted to dive right in and learn as he grew and with his sheer perseverance and willpower to make the impossible seem possible, Azhar surpassed many of the automotive tycoons of Dubai, setting a new legacy for the ages to come

The Entry into Automotive Industry

Never let the success get into your head while never let the failures get into your heart”

Azhar took over Father’s business, AtoZ Bus Rental with few buses in hand, and within no time, the visionary guy successfully flourished the company. The company had few buses operating in Dubai but now, AtoZ Bus Rental is one of the largest transportation service providers in UAE, having more than a hundred buses.

From day one, Azhar has that magical confidence to make brave decisions, turning the tides in his favor. The potential to succeed always bypassed competitors’ pressure, delivering success stories and cementing the name of Quick Fit: An Auto Workshop in Dubai, in the Automotive History of Dubai with Golden words! A well-groomed modest personality deserves success, all in all.

From traditional methodologies to contemporary management”

Azhar firmly believes that knowledge and Success are not anyone’s heritage. In the world of the 21st century, business dimensions are evolving, truncating from traditional methodologies to contemporary management and he knows the recipe well.

Building relationships is what leads to building Empires!

“Intense intentions lead to legacy Building” the Rolex lover quoted this powerful statement during an Annual General Meeting, always been an inspiration for every stakeholder. He realizes that building relationships is far superior to building empires as strong relationships and commitments are always the building blocks to success.

“Skill is something you can teach but loyalty is something in your blood”

Organizations can train you advance skills but loyalty is in your blood. The approach may be beyond management, but today, Azhar has built a community of professionals, loyal and trusted with Quick Fit under one roof!

From 4p’s of Marketing to 4Ps of Personality!

When passion is pursued as a profession, success is evident. Well, 4P’s of marketing can be a turnkey to control industry but Azhar has a step-ahead vision. By emphasizing personality and by practicing the 4P: Passion, Persistence, Proactiveness, and Patience, the Automotive Lord has won millions of hearts, directly and indirectly, connected with Automotive Industry.

“Visionaries have the ability to see what is unseen to others while paving the path to success in silence”

Azhar has always proved to be a leader, trusting others and empowering every unit of the business resources. Maybe that’s why, every employee is directly connected with this Automotive tycoon, with emotions and sincerity.

“Some people dream of success, while others get up every morning and make it happen”

From Quick Fit Autos to Quick Fit International!

Azhar Abbas has the fortitude to be the automotive grandeur of UAE but he always knew the road to the top was never going to be linear. When the sky is the only limit, your focus, intention, and orientation have no boundaries. The Quick Fit startup took no longer than a year to become a benchmark in Dubai’s Automotive Industry, starting from the base and then conquering Abu Dhabi’s industry with a new branch. The Wait is soon going to be over: London, New York, Melbourne, Qatar, and Toronto be ready.

“It is not the riches but the vision that makes you a leader!”