Why Companies Should Get EV Charging Stations Right Now

As evidenced by our most recent guide to EV and EV Charger incentives, most European countries are actively pursuing electrification in order to significantly cut carbon emissions by the year 2030. Recently, the UK announced a new $400 million fund for EV chargers, Italy implemented a full EV incentive programme for the first time this year, and Germany recently adopted its updated 2030 Climate Plan, extending current incentives through 2025. Other nations are on the equal track. In this way, electric vehicles (EVs) and their chargers are on the way and are here to stay benfrom for The California Beach Co Coupon.

Keep Your Workers and Clients Returning for More

Customers today are more concerned with a company’s reputation for morality than consumers in the past. According to a Forbes report from 2017, a staggering 87% of customers have a positive perception of a company that works to address social or environmental issues. 88% are also significantly more likely to stick with this type of employer than a considerably less environmentally conscious rival. In other words, most people today are concerned about social and environmental issues and have a growing variety of options for choosing and working with companies that align with their own moral principles.

This is especially true for millennials, “Gen Xers,” and individuals who already possess or may someday purchase an electric vehicle, as these groups tend to be more environmentally conscious.

Place Your Company on the Map (Literally) and Increase Clientele

Placing EV chargers will increase the exposure of your logo and draw in new customers. EV drivers can plan routes, find websites with electric-powered charging stations, contribute their own charging locations, and participate in conversations thanks to new apps like Zapmap and Open Charge Map. Visitors can publish information about the website online and leave reviews based only on their personal experiences. The customer base of a business is expanded by this kind of service; customers may be passing customers or locals, but both will help to increase logo visibility through word-of-mouth.


So how does an EV connect to my business, you may be asking. I’m not even sure whether any of my clients own electric vehicles! Regardless of whether you run a little neighbourhood cafĂ© or a large national chain of hotels, it is still very worthwhile to try and attract EV owners as customers for Best Price Nutrition Coupon. According to research, EV business owners typically earn more money than the general public. They tend to be men with higher levels of education who work full-time and are between the ages of 30 and 45.

Increase your energy resilience while saving money

Switching electric will result in significant cost savings for your company. Fully or partially electric company fleets will provide you access to government funding for subsidies and let you take advantage of tax breaks, such as avoiding business vehicle tax. Not only that, but they’ll also enable you to save money over the long term, such as by eliminating highway tolls. Choosing an electric vehicle (EV) is a no-brainer financially when local incentives, such as funding for charging infrastructure through programmes like the UK’s Workplace Charging Plan, are combined with the relatively low cost of electricity compared to gasoline.

Why on earth couldn’t any business electrify their fleet since installing a charger is obviously free, depending on where your business is headquartered, and charging and maintaining EVs is always less expensive than petrol alternatives?

The electricity resiliency that having an electric-powered fleet can provide in emergency situations is another sometimes overlooked cost-saving factor. It is possible for EVs plugged into your charging infrastructure to act as a source of electricity (through their battery storage) during power outages or shortages by investing in bi-directional chargers, or “two-way” chargers that can convert and direct electricity into the car and out of it lower back to its supply. Contrary to popular belief, renewable energy sources aren’t inherently more unstable than fossil fuels; in some instances, they have also been shown to increase the grid’s resilience.

Intensify Your Sales

Also, EV chargers will increase your sales. First off, customers that own EVs are far more likely to stay on your website longer to charge, which can prompt them to purchase additional goods or services. EVs can charge in a half-hour to a day, depending on the type of charger used—fast, rapid, or slow. You can give customers a quick-sufficient charging option while also motivating them to live a little longer and buy that item they’ve been admiring for weeks by selecting a fast-charging device with a median charge time of, say, an hour.

Second, EV charging infrastructure might supply more sales on its own. Depending on the business model you choose, you might need to sell power to EV owners in order to increase your revenue for Fourth London Coupon. This can be a general plan (we all pay) or a targeted one (most effectively, the public pays instead of clients). But, it will generate new revenue in either case, even if it is best employed to increase sales of your actual goods and services by luring customers with no upfront costs. Charger-equipped businesses can also increase sales through targeted advertising;

Get Information About Other Traffic

Placing your own charging station online will provide you access to a wealth of useful data, like C02 saves, kWh usage, electricity costs, and charging factor activity. These records can be utilised to support accuracy and improve the efficacy of implementation techniques in internal reports, tax declarations, and logistical and advertising plans.

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