7 Hardest PS1 Games Ever Created

The original PlayStation was a groundbreaking game system, but some of the games it came with were very hard to beat.

The Sony Playstation console, which we now call the PS1, came out in the mid-1990s and changed the gaming industry for good. The console was a huge hit all over the world, and its successors kept breaking sales records even when there were economic and logistical problems. Since the console has been the best for almost 40 years and has thousands of games, it’s not often that a few games slip under the radar.

In addition to being very good at technology, the PS1 had a lot of exclusive games that were very good and won the hearts of gamers all over the world. Some of them turned out to be good memories, but a few of them made the players work so hard that they wondered why they even existed in the end. These are just some of the PS1 games that were hard for everyone to beat.