Essential Tips to Write a Fiction Book With Engaging Content in 2023

Have you ever considered why fiction books sold more copies than non-fiction ones? And this isn’t the end. They also make millions with movie adaptions. So what makes a fiction read so valuable?

Well, the secret of its success lies in its story. The theme, plot, and story are the factors that make a fiction book engaging and successful.

Writing a fiction book is no easy task. It requires creative skills, commitment, and consistency. But once you complete it, you will get a high reward.

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7 Helpful Tips for Writing an Engaging Fiction Book In 2023

So, in addition to writing skills, dedication, and hard work, you will need to follow an approach to write a successful fiction book.

Here are some helpful tips for writing an engaging fiction book.

1. Start Your Journey by Reading

Every writer starts his writing journey with reading. And it is the love of reading that inspires a person to write a book. Many authors have claimed that reading influenced them to become writers.

So like other successful authors, you should start reading. And read the books in your genre. And in your case, read fiction books.

This approach will benefit you in many ways. First, when you read more fiction books, you can come up with something new and creative themes. Similarly, you can find out what type of storylines make fiction a bestseller. And lastly, you can understand what a reader expects from a fiction read.

2. The Storyline Is the Foundation

The storyline is an essential factor of a fiction book. It lays the foundation of your book. Similarly, it helps you with other elements of your book.

You write plots and develop characters with the help of the storyline. Thus, the success of your book depends on the storyline. So, come up with an engaging storyline. It should compel readers to want to find out what happens next.

It can be a challenging and time-taking process. So if you face any trouble coming up with your storyline, don’t worry or quit. Instead, change your approach. Start writing a few lines on the theme. And then, you can write a whole story according to that theme.

So if you haven’t built a reading habit, start it now. Start by reading bestselling books.

3. Create Relatable and Strong Characters

Like the storyline, characters have immense importance in fiction book writing. They play a vital role in the success of a fiction book.

And they make your storyline more engaging and interesting. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and sherlock holmes series are prime examples of this. Many people haven’t read any book from this series. But they are familiar with the characters of these books. Many people also have started reading books after hearing so much about these characters.

Thus, characters can make your book more engaging. So write strong and relatable characters. Write their backstories. And make them go through tough times. Set goals for them to achieve. This way, a reader can build a connection with the characters. As a result, readers will find your book engaging.

4. Use Conflict and Tension

When you read fiction books, you will find one thing in common, conflict and tension in the storyline. And it is what makes a fiction book engaging. Otherwise, fiction without conflict and tension would bore a reader.

Let us take an example from the Game of Thrones series. Jon Snow faces an internal conflict. He tries to prevent himself from falling in love with Ygritte because he is a Night Watch, and they are not allowed to engage with women. And Daenerys faces external conflicts when she tries to win the throne.

So, conflicts and tensions are to make fiction engaging and create a sense of urgency.

Thus, use conflicts and tension in your fiction book.

5. Use Descriptive Language

There is another trick writers use to make a book engaging. And in this trick, fiction writers use descriptive language to create a realistic world for the readers.

Consider these examples from Game of Thrones books. “The walls of Winterfell were grey and cold and the wind blew through them like a knife“, and “The snow was knee-deep, and the wind howled through the dark pine forests like a pack of wolves”.

This trick compels readers to feel like they are a part of the world you’ve created. So, if you wish to write an engaging fiction book, use descriptive language.

6. Use Simple Language

Many writers use complex and fancy words to grab readers’ attention. But this trick might not work well. And the reason is readers usually prefer fiction books with simple language.

So if a reader had to use a dictionary from time to time, the reader might put away such a book.

Have a look at some examples of simple language from Game of Thrones. “I will take what is mine with fire and blood“, and “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground”.

The writer has used simple sentence structures and vocabulary. But still, these words can grab readers’ attention.

Thus, you wouldn’t need to use complex and high-level vocabulary to impress your reader. The goal is to make a reader understand. So use simple sentence structures and vocabulary.

Final Notes

Writing a fiction book can be a challenging thing. It is a time-taking process that requires time, patience, and practice. However, it can be a rewarding experience.

And with the right approach, you can write a bestselling fiction read.

So follow these tips for writing an engaging and captivating fiction book.

We hope these tips can help you become a better writer.