Get information Bmw service center in Dubai?

If you have a bmw service center in Dubai and you are aware that keeping it in top condition requires regular servicing and maintenance. It’s crucial to locate a reputable and reliable bmw service center in Dubai.

Where can you get the service for your BMW maintained in Dubai?

PREMIER CAR CARE is a best option to avail bmw service center in Dubai. We are experts in BMWs and offer the best quality maintenance services. Our staff includes experts who have specific knowledge and experience dealing with BMWs. We are also experts on BMW repairs in Dubai.

We use only genuine components and specialize in major and minor maintenance and repairs, such as tune-ups and oil changes repair of brakes Engine diagnostics, and much other services.

Alongside providing top BMW service Premier Car Care also offers affordable prices and outstanding customer service. With Premier Car Care, you receive a fast, efficient and easy experience, which means you can have your BMW maintained without hassle.

What’s comprised in the BMW standard services?

The standard bmw service center usually includes the oil changing, replacement of the oil filter brake inspection, replacement of brake pads and discs as well as a brake fluid and coolant check, steering leakage test and air filter replacement windshield wipers check as well as a lights inspection and an overall check of the suspension, engine and the braking system.

Furthermore, services such as wheel rotation as well as spark plug replacement, fluid changes to the transmission and a check of the power steering fluid are also carried out. When you purchase BMWs services, you also get additional services like an annual inspection of your vehicle as well as engine repair and replacement of batteries.

These services are required following a specific time period of travel distance. It is usually 16,000 km or for 12 months. If you don’t have these services the BMW will have issues with reliability as well as safety and durability issues.

How often do you need to have the BMW serviced? What’s covered within BMW servicing cycles?

Based on the model and age of the BMW the schedule of maintenance tasks to be done on the BMW will change.

Based on your driving habits, you might require servicing more frequently. If you drive frequently in the middle of nowhere, off-road, or in other harsh circumstances, it is recommended to have your BMW maintained every 10,000 kilometers or six months. Alongside your normal maintenance cycle additionally, there are other maintenance services which are completed on intervals of 48,000 km or 96,000 kilometers.

At 48,000 Km and in addition to regular maintenance, the following maintenance services are required to be completed:

BMW Brake Pads and Rotors

BMW Belts and Hoses

BMW Fuel Filter

BMW Drive Belts

BMW Exhaust System

Suspension Components

Replace Battery

BMW Differential Fluid

Transmission Fluid

Wheel Bearings

All Fluids

Windshield Wiper Motors

Fuses and Relays

Door Lock and Window

At 96,000 km, all services are carried out at 48,000 Km. Standard maintenance is carried out alongside the following services:

Spark plugs, wires and boots

Steering component.

Air conditioning system.

Engine Coolant hoses

BMW Fuel injectors

Valve cover gaskets

The air mass meter

Replace BMW Engine mounts

Replace BMW Oxygen sensor

BMW Fuel pump


In the end, BMW service in Dubai may be expensive but it’s definitely worth it to keep your car in great shape. Be sure to keep up with your regular maintenance schedule to prevent expensive repairs. Research and ask for recommendations for an excellent BMW service center in Dubai.