Common Questions to Ask from Your Movers Before Hiring Them

Are you planning to move from Chennai to Noida through reliable movers? If yes, then you must hire the best packers and movers from Chennai to Noida for hassle-free intercity relocation. However, you should do proper research before booking a moving company. If you don’t, then you might end up choosing a company that has less or no experience in the moving domain. And you can’t get the desired intercity relocation if your moving company has inexperienced staff. So, it is best to ask a few questions from your movers before selecting them. Here are some of the most common questions that you should ask your moving company:-

Are you A Registered Company?

Nowadays, hiring a moving firm is no more an easy job. There are so many fraud relocation companies that are operating illegally in the market. So, it becomes important for you to research a company you are going to book. The first thing to consider while hiring a company is whether it is licensed or not. If the company you are going to choose doesn’t possess a license, then, it’s better not to entertain it and choose another company for your relocation.  Some shifting companies might present fake registration documents before you. So, you have to check all their documents properly before hiring them.

How Will You Shift My Belongings to Other Location?

It is good to ask your movers about their house-shifting process. How they will pack your goods? What transport mode they will choose to transport your home belongings to a different location? What strategies they will use to protect your articles from being damaged during the move? Getting the right answers to these questions is extremely important for you before choosing a particular shifting company.

What is your Experience in the Moving Domain?

The experience of your company matters to you the most. Nobody will hire a company that does not have the required experience with it. So, you should ask about the total experience of your packers and movers Chennai to Noida. The more experience they possess the easier it will be for them to transport your articles safely to another city. Hence, enquiring about their experience is much more important to you before booking them.

What Type of Expertise Do Your Moving Officials Possess?

Another question to ask from your movers is related to the expertise of their moving staff. Most moving companies don’t have experienced moving staff with them. They are not aware of the best practices to adopt while carrying their goods to their other place. So, it’s of no use to hire these professionals. Hence, knowing about the employees of your moving company is extremely important to you. The leading movers and packers employ the best moving officials for their company. They possess the required skills that help them move your household goods without much effort and within the stipulated period.

How do You Accept the Payment?

You should also enquire about the payment method your company chooses to receive the payment. If your moving company accepts cash and doesn’t have a bank account, then something is fishy here. It might be that you are dealing with a fraud moving company. The reason is that the bank verifies each company before opening a bank account for it. Hence, you will have to enquire about the mode of payment the company uses for any transaction.

Will My House Goods Be Safe during the Move?

This is the most common question every individual should ask his moving company. Of course, you too are much concerned about the safety of your items. You should ask about the methods the moving officials will use to keep your house items protected during the move. You can also enquire them about the packing supplies and the moving tools they will use during the entire move. Moreover, don’t forget to ask them how they will move the valuable goods from your house.

What is the Permanent Address of your Company?

This is another important question that you should ask your company. Often, most moving firms post the wrong addresses on their websites. They don’t post complete addresses on their sites. Anybody who goes to the mentioned address does not find any company there. Hence, you should enquire about the physical address of the company you are going to choose. If a company is genuine, it will never hide its address from you.

Will You Provide a Written Commitment to Me?

You should always ask your company whether it will provide a written contract to you from its side or not. If your company is reluctant on offering a written commitment to you, then check that company again as that company might be a fraudulent one.  The reputed packers and movers in Chennai always offer a written contract to you. This contract contains all their terms and conditions so it is an important document to you. Hence, you should never trust your movers and get everything in writing from them. This will save you from being a victim of fraud shifting companies of the market.

Do You Provide Transit Insurance

Are You Providing Insurance on Goods?

Most moving companies insure the goods of the clients during the move. Hence, make sure to ask your moving company if it is offering insurance on your household belongings or not. The shifting companies provide two types of insurance to you- transit insurance and all-inclusive insurance. Transit insurance covers your goods only during the transit while all-inclusive insurance covers your belongings throughout the move. So, you must always ask about the insurance from your shifting service provider before availing their services.


Now you are fully aware of the most important questions that you have to ask your packers and movers from Chennai to Noida. Asking these questions from your movers will help you greatly in choosing the right moving company for you. And when you choose the best company for you, you will experience a stress-free intercity move from their end.