How much does it cost to withdraw money from a credit card?

Everyone is running after the banks to get a credit card. Because many benefits are available from Credit Card. Many offers can be availed by online shopping. Apart from this, money can also be sent to banks through credit cards.

As you know, to get a credit card, you must have a job or business. If you have nothing then keep from getting credit card from banks. In this post, I will also tell you how to transfer money from credit card to bank account?

Before transferring money from credit card, it is necessary to know how much extra charge will have to be paid.

There are different methods to send money from Credit Card to other banks, out of which you can select any one method as per your requirement.

Transfer money by entering bank account details

Transfer money through Upi

Transfer money by entering mobile number

While transferring money online in any bank, 2.5% fee will have to be paid extra on the amount withdrawn from the credit card. This fee is added at the time of transfer of money.

Suppose you transfer money from your credit card in the form of rent, then let me tell you that on Rs 10,000, Rs 250 is charged separately. If you do not want to pay extra money, then transfer money to any bank should be avoided.

What to do to transfer money to the bank using a credit card?

If you have a credit card, you can easily transfer money online. To send money from Credit Card, Upi App has to be used. Apart from this, money can be transferred from the personal app of the bank.

  1. Transfer money by adding Credit Card to Paytm.
  2. Transfer money from card number to bank using Credit Card.
  3. If you have Sbi card then you can do money transaction from Sbi Card App.
  4. You can send money through any third party link.
  5. Annual Charges of Sbi Simplyclick Credit Card

Different types of Sbi cards are available. Whose annual price is different. While taking Sbi Card for the first time, then let me tell you that you will have to pay 499 + tax every year for Sbi Simplyclick Credit Card. Apart from this, if you send money from card to different places, then you may have to pay more money.


In this article, how much is charged for withdrawing money from a credit card? I have given complete information. In this post, I have also told how you can transfer money to any bank sitting at home.