Printable Duck Coloring Pages

Duck Coloring Pages are always enjoyable to unwind by a pond and watch the ducks soar and float by. It’s good to occasionally bring along some bread for them to eat, too! Ducks come in a variety of hues, including white, black, green, and others.

Kids can spend hours colouring these new feathered friends using these free duck colouring sheets.

You can express your creativity with your colour choices, and by the end, we’re sure to see lots of ducks with unique appearances! You could even print out several copies of your best pictures and experiment with various mediums and colours until you come up with the ideal duck.

Free Duck Coloring Pages

Share your best-completed duck printables on our Facebook page so that we can all enjoy your gorgeous, vibrant creations! We are excited to see some vibrant and colourful ducks because we always enjoy seeing your colouring prowess on show.

10 Fresh Duck Coloring Pages That You Can Print Out and Color
Our first free colouring sheet for ducks features a mother duck and her two ducklings floating in a pond.

Maybe you could use a pretty light yellow for these adorable little ducklings since ducklings are typically yellow and fluffy at this point.

Printable Duck Coloring Pages

The following duck colouring page features a cheerful-appearing feathery man. He must be wishing for some breadcrumbs because he just saw someone carrying a large bag of them!

You can choose from a variety of hues for this adorable duck, and you can add some fluffy clouds and a brilliant blue sky behind him to complete this duck printable.

In this third mallard colouring page, it appears to be a lovely Spring day. A small duck is strolling through a flower- and butterfly-filled desert.

Given that there are numerous objects and details to colour in with your preferred hues, I predict that this colouring sheet of a duck will be among the most colourful in the collection.

Have you ever seen a duck that is as elegantly dressed as the one in this colouring sheet of a duck? He’s got on a tie and a collar, and I have to question where he’s going. He might be attending a fancy duck soiree!

Free Printable Duck Coloring Pages

How will you add backdrop colour? It would look fantastic no matter what you choose, but I would use a blue backdrop with bright red dots all around him.

In this duck printable, a couple of content ducks are enjoying a leisurely day on the pond.

I believe the tranquil atmosphere of this duck colouring page would be perfectly completed if you coloured the water a lovely shade of blue and used a deep green for the lily pads and reeds.

This free colouring sheet of a duck features a second fancy-looking duck wearing a hat. He appears to be in the limelight as he stands there!

Above him is the word “duck,” and if you coloured each character a different colour and used a vivid background colour, this duck printable might resemble a poster for a fancy duck-themed movie.

This colouring page of a duck features a duck drifting in a pond and has an unsteady expression. Perhaps using a few more subdued hues would better convey the impression that this mallard is feeling a little down.

Easy Duck Coloring Pages

To complete the atmosphere of this duck printable, you might consider making the sky grey to make it appear as though it will rain shortly.

On the following duck colouring sheet, we see a different, interesting angle of a happy-looking duck floating in the water.

This picture is fascinating because of the underwater perspective we get, and it would be even more entertaining to draw and colour some fish that are swimming beneath the surface.

What kind of marine life do you suppose exists beneath the pond’s surface?

In this colouring sheet of a duck, the weather is lovely once more. Given the abundance of blossoms, it must be Spring or Summer, and the duck appears to be having a good time.

Use your best vibrant coloured pens, pencils, and crayons to make this duck printable a true delight to behold for such a cheery picture, in my opinion!