Siliguri Tea Company Offering the Best Tea Wholesale Price

If you are a tea wholesaler and are looking for the best tea wholesale price for improving the profitability of the business, Siliguri is the best market to buy from. This is because Siliguri is a major tea hub in India. And similar to Assam, Siliguri is surrounded by A lot of tea gardens in the Dooars Terai region as well as the Darjeeling region.

Here, we have shared several tips on how you can procure CTC tea from Siliguri at the best discounted wholesale rates from Naturolled, a leading Siliguri tea company.

1. Best Discounted Tea Wholesale Price for Tea Wholesalers

By partnering with Naturolled, wholesalers can benefit from the best tea wholesale price with wholesale discounts that can be as high as 40% on the product MRP. For example, with up to a 40% discount on the MRP of Rs 100 tea packets of 250 grams, tea wholesalers can get a wholesale rate of Rs 60 per pack.

As its own brand tea manufacturer in Siliguri, Naturolled is based out of Dooars and sources tea directly from nearby local tea gardens. Also, since Naturolled has its own in-house manufacturing of packet tea, the brand is able to offer the best rates to tea wholesalers, tea distributors, tea dealers, super stockists, and more.

Apart from packet tea, Naturolled offers the best-discounted rates for tea wholesalers in Siliguri and all other locations in India for loose CTC tea. The wholesale discounts for loose CTC tea will depend on the quantity, for example, on a per kilogram basis.

2. Best Margin for Blended and Unblended CTC Tea

Tea wholesalers and distributors can get the best margin for blended as well as unblended loose CTC tea from Naturolled. In the blended loose CTC tea category, there are two options to choose from:

  • CTC tea blended with green leaves
  • CTC tea blended with various CTC tea grades

And in the unblended loose CTC tea category, tea wholesalers can buy the pure form of single-grade CTC tea at the lowest discounted rates in Siliguri.

Out of the two options, blended loose CTC tea has more market demand is therefore it is best for tea wholesalers and distributors to prefer blended CTC tea to increase business sale volume.

3. Wholesale Discounts for All CTC Tea Grades

By partnering with Naturolled, tea wholesalers, tea distributors, tea dealers, super stockists, and more can get the best wholesale rates for all types of CTC tea grades, including:

  • BP
  • BPS
  • BOPsm
  • OF
  • BOPL
  • BOPF
  • FD
  • SFD

Naturolled has a vast network of tea gardens and tea traders and can make provisions for the availability of any type of CTC tea grade during any season of the year. What’s more interesting to know is that Naturolled ensures the best wholesale rates for even the most niche CTC tea grades that are not easily available in the market.

4. Wholesale Discounts for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & Monsoon Flush Dooars Tea

Tea wholesalers and distributors across PAN India can get the best tea wholesale price for all flushes of Dooars tea, including:

First flush
Second flush
Monsoon flush
Autumn flush (third flush)

It can be highly challenging for wholesalers and distributors to buy first and second flush Dooars tea as there is a lot of demand. As such, the first and second flush tea batches that come freshly processed from Dooars tea gardens get sold out quickly.

However, Naturolled can help wholesalers and distributors get the highest quality Dooars tea of every flush at the best-discounted rates.