Teelings Whiskey vs Midleton Whiskey – Which One Should You Add to Your Collection?

Whiskey is one of the oldest distilled spirits in the world. With a history that dates back to 1400 AD and beyond, it’s easy to see why this spirit has such a long and storied past. In fact, whiskey distilleries have been around for centuries—and they’re still going strong today! One of these distilleries is Midleton, which makes some of my favorite Irish whiskeys (like Green Spot). But what about Teeling Whiskey? Is it just as good? Or does Midleton have more going for it? Let’s find out:


Midleton Whiskey is one of the oldest distilleries in Ireland, having been founded in 1779. It is located in Cork, Ireland, and owned by Pernod Ricard.

The Midleton Distillery produces many different types of whiskey including Powers Gold Label Reserve (a blended whiskey), Jameson (a blended whiskey) and Green Spot Single Malt Irish Whiskey (single malt).

The history of teelings whiskey

Teeling Whiskey is an Irish whiskey that has been making a name for itself in the spirits industry. Founded in 2016 by Jack Teeling and his son, Stephen Teeling, this distillery has quickly become one of Ireland’s most well-known producers of single pot still whiskeys.

The history of teelings whiskey began when Jack began working as an apprentice at Bow Street Distillery where he learned how to make Irish whiskey from master distiller Billy Leighton. After learning all he could from Billy (who was also responsible for creating Jameson), Jack went on to work at Cooley Distillery where he had an opportunity to learn under founder John Teeling before starting his own company–Teelings Whiskey Company–in Dublin City Centre with his wife Helen and son Stephen (who has since left).

How is it made?

Teeling Whiskey is made in a similar way to Midleton, but there are some key differences.

First, Teeling uses a mix of malted and unmalted barley as opposed to just malted barley. This gives the whiskey more flavor and texture than if it were made with just one type of grain. Second, they triple distill their product rather than double distilling like Midleton does (and most other Irish whiskeys). Triple distillation means more time spent aging your whiskey in barrels before bottling it–and we all know how much better aged products taste! Finally, while both companies use ex-bourbon casks as part of their aging process for most of their blends and single malts respectively (which means that these casks were previously used for American bourbon), Teeling also ages some limited edition bottles in ex-sherry casks from Spain or Portugal instead; this gives them an added layer of complexity that makes them stand out from competitors like Jameson or Bushmills

Where did it all start?

Midleton, Ireland:

  • Population: 8,000 people (as of 2017).
  • Location: Midleton is located on the River Blackwater in County Cork, Ireland. It’s about 30 kilometers from Cork City and about 20 kilometers from Youghal.
  • Founded: In 1649 when Richard Boyle created a settlement there that became known as “Boylestown”. The name was changed to Midleton in 1720 when it was granted borough status by King George III.

The Jameson Distillery was established at this site in 1780 by John Jameson & Co., who were also responsible for establishing Bow Street Distillery (now called Bow Street Malthouse) and Bow Street Brewery (now called Stag’s Head Brewing Co.). They operated out of these premises until 1835 when they moved across town where they continue production today!

What makes it special?

Teeling Whiskey is a single grain whiskey made from malted barley, malted wheat and malted oats. It’s triple distilled, aged in bourbon barrels and bottled at 46% ABV. The result is a soft, sweet taste that’s reminiscent of honey or vanilla cream–but with more body than your average Irish whiskey.

The name “Teeling” comes from the family that founded it: brothers Jack (the master blender) and Stephen (the distiller). Jack grew up surrounded by whiskey–his father was involved in the industry all his life as an actor who played James Bond on stage!

Is Midleton a good whiskey for beginners?

Midleton is a good whiskey for beginners. It’s made from a blend of pot still and grain whiskeys, so it’s an introduction to Irish Whiskey. It’s also easy to drink, with sweet flavors that make it easy to enjoy on its own or mixed in cocktails or mixed drinks like the John Daly (with ginger ale).

Midleton is affordable, which means you can try several different types before deciding which one you really like best!

Is Midleton a good whiskey for enthusiasts?

Midleton is a very good whiskey for enthusiasts. It is a blend of pot still and column distilled whiskey, made in Cork, Ireland since 1975. Midleton has won many awards over the years and has earned its place among the best Irish whiskeys available today.

The “Midleton Dair Ghaelaigh” translates to “Irish Cream Ale”, which gives you an idea about what this whiskey tastes like: smooth with hints of vanilla creaminess (and maybe even some chocolate). The nose is sweet with notes of caramelized sugar or maple syrup mixed with fresh applesauce – yum!

Teeling Whiskey is an Irish Whiskey that has been making a name for itself in the spirits industry.

Teeling Whiskey is an Irish whiskey that has been making a name for itself in the spirits industry. It’s produced by the Teeling family, who have been distilling since 1782. The distillery is located in Co. Dublin and produces both single malt and blended whiskeys.

The Teelings use a traditional small batch process using pot stills to create their products, which are then matured for at least three years before bottling them up with unique labels designed by artists from around Ireland (and sometimes further abroad!). This means that each bottle has its own character and personality – just like people do!


We hope that this article has helped you to decide which whiskey is right for you. If you’re looking for a unique Irish Whiskey experience, then Teeling Whiskey may be the one for you. However, if you want something more traditional or classic then Midleton is going to be better suited as it’s made by Jameson who are known throughout the world as one of the best whiskey brands out there!