The Reason How A Quiet-Minded Person Becomes A Spoiler

Who doesn’t want to be under the master of a beautiful mind? A beautiful mind is all we want. We all want to meet kind-hearted people. A kind-hearted person is complete in all aspects. He/She never has to suffer any trouble or confusion, he/she is always aware of honesty. 

It is very easy to check the good aspects of a person. Quiet-Minded people remove false troubles and unnecessary people from their lives. This is why they are so amazing in life. But an unwanted cause, betrayal cause, or characteristic reasons makes these quiet-minded people spoilers. 

However, let’s talk about how these three factors make a quiet-minded person a spoiler. 

Being A Spoiler For Unwanted Reasons

An unwanted cause can change a person completely. Which completely changes the course of his/her life. The Quiet-Minded people become turbulent. As it goes on, he/she becomes a spoiler. 

This unwanted reason can be many types. For example, this will happen for mental disorders, depression, loss of loved ones, and social stress are largely observed. 

An example of such an unwanted cause is found in the novel Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler. In which a girl becomes a spoiler after her childhood babysitter changes with rage, and the girl killed the new one.

Being A Spoiler For Betrayal Cause

Betrayal is enough to make a person a spoiler. While other factors have a small effect, their effect is large. Betrayal creates revenge in people’s minds. If this betrayal is received from a close person, its consequences are fatal. 

When a quiet-minded person is betrayed, the consequences are dire. Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds spoiler tells us about the influences of betraying such a quiet-minded person. In the novel we see how a girl is betrayed by her best friend, the girl turns spoiler to take revenge. 

Being A Spoiler For Characteristic Reason

In some cases, some people become spoilers because of their character’s past. Examples of these characteristic reasons are personality degradation, social outbursts, family ideology, diplomacy, etc. 

These reasons are capable of turning a quiet-minded person into a spoiler. This spoiler turns into a stubborn and deadly person. And if there is a ruler with this personality, the consequences are terrible. 

Some of these terrible spoiler rulers are seen in the present day. For example, nowadays we see Kim Jong-un. Kim has maintained the progress of his family diplomacy. He has become a deadly spoiler in character formation and behavior. Kim is doing unfair and unjust things to the people of his country.


From the above reasons you can know how a quiet-minded person becomes a spoiler. They become violent and aggressive. Apart from the above reasons, there may be more external reasons behind becoming a spoiler. Mention what the consequences may be. 

It is natural that when a quiet-minded person becomes a spoiler, the consequences will be dire. Then their only goal is to take revenge. They become suicidal in society. However, it becomes difficult to bring them back from this state. 

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