Top Online Artificial Intelligence Courses: 2023

Have you been thinking of making a career in the field of artificial intelligence? If yes, then you are at the right place to find out how you can get a boost in your growth. Artificial intelligence has become one of the technical aspects that have a huge market cap and is continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate. According to an estimate, the current market of a hundred billion dollars is expected to go up to two trillion dollars by 2030. This is a jump of about twenty times and also means you have a large opportunity to grow a career in this field.

But, for getting a career in any field, you have to be qualified enough in that field itself. Artificial intelligence is relatively new for students globally. This is why they have been trying to find out courses that they can take to learn more about artificial intelligence. You must have come here to gain this same knowledge too. AI certificate programs help get the required knowledge to enter the field of artificial intelligence. AI certification makes sure that you have a strong base on artificial intelligence and are open to learning more through experiences.

We are here to discuss such AI certificate programs that can help you grow in your career. Some online AI certificates can help you get all the required knowledge about AI in a concise format. Such AI certification 2023 programs are purely based on improving the student’s skills and experience. So, let us take a look at some of the AI certificate programs that can prove great for you.

Blockchain Council AI Certification 2023

You might have heard of Blockchain Council as a group of tech enthusiasts and experts and their organization that wishes to spread knowledge about different technological aspects. On this platform, you will find subject matter experts from the industry itself, teaching about different topics like blockchain developer training. The AI certification 2023 by the blockchain council focuses on providing interactive live training and certification. The SMEs will be taking interactive live sessions with you and help you understand the basics of AI and go all the way up to how chatGPT and BARD-like AIs have become the future.

You will be learning the core ideas of AI and coding languages like Java, Python, etc. You will also be introduced to machine learning, deep learning, statistics, natural language processing, defi classes, etc. Moreover, the course is mostly based on hands-on experience for every topic that you learn. So, through this course, you will be able to experience how AI works and what algorithm goes behind such a huge data processing unit. You can get this AI certification to make sure that you take a good start in your career.

IBM Online AI Certificates

IBM is one of the largest tech companies in the world and is known for the contributions that it has made to the world of computers. This company is offering various online AI certificates that can help you grow in your career. They have been offering a foundation course as well as an applied AI course to the students. The foundation course focuses on developing the core skills of a person in the field of AI. This means that you will be learning about the basics of AI and how the algorithm can process such large information in less time to give the most optimal output. Moreover, this foundation course AI certification is perfect for people who have just started to learn about artificial intelligence.

The applied AI course by IBM is more focused on applications of AI and how it is helping to change the world. For the people who already have their basics cleared, this course offers a touch upon various prospects of AI. It helps in learning about the various applications of AI in the real world and how it helps to make a change. Moreover, you will be getting to work on hands-on projects that will help you understand AI even more. So, you can enroll in either of these courses to grow your career in this field itself.

Duke University AI Product Management

Now that AI has become such a large subject globally, famous universities have also started with their online AI certificates. Duke University is one of the largest and best universities in the world. It is offering a product management program for students who have an interest in management as well as technology. This is not a normal AI certification as you will get to learn how machine learning works and how it is applied to various products. Moreover, this course is focused on preparing you to get a mindset that can be used to manage different projects and make sure that all the products are finished in the right way.

Duke University is giving this course for students to learn about helpful AI that is centered on the growth of humanity. This course will let you experience managing different product lines. You can grow your career as an AI product manager after taking up this course.

The University of Washington and Microsoft – Autonomous AI Certification 2023

We have discussed how the best universities have been offering AI certification courses to students for the sake of entering this field. The University of Washington has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft to get you an AI certification program that helps students with not just the information regarding AI but also the hands-on practice for the same. You will be able to learn more about machine learning and deep learning. These aspects help in the creation of autonomous AI like the one used in self-driving cars. Also, Microsoft is here to help the students learn through different ongoing live projects and have their minds prepared for this field.

Through such AI certificate programs, you get to learn about AI autonomous systems. So, you can take up this course as well if you wish to get an AI certification that is being offered by UoW and Microsoft.


We have been discussing the best online AI certificates that you can take up currently. The above-mentioned courses are some of the best ones that are being offered on the Internet. They add value to your portfolio and also improve your basic knowledge about AI and its applications. So, if you are interested to get into this field further, you can take up any of these courses and get started to get the best out of this field.