SimpCity Status, News and Proxies

SimpCity is currently offline for scheduled maintenance. We will update our status as soon as we have more information.

What is SimpCity?

SimpCity is a simulation game that lets you build and manage your own city. You start by choosing a plot of land and then begin constructing buildings, roads, parks, and other infrastructure to turn it into a thriving metropolis.
One of the unique aspects of SimpCity is that you have to balance different factors such as population growth, traffic flow, energy consumption, pollution levels, and taxes to ensure the city runs smoothly. The game gives you various tools and resources to help with this task such as zoning laws for residential, commercial or industrial areas; public services like police stations or hospitals; transportation options like buses or trains.
Another exciting feature of SimpCity is its dynamic nature – disasters can strike at any moment! From fires to earthquakes, tornadoes to alien invasions – players must be ready for anything while managing their cities.
SimpCity is an innovative game that challenges players’ strategic thinking skills while also providing hours of entertainment. With endless possibilities and engaging gameplay mechanics – it’s no wonder why it has remained popular over the years!

SimpCity’s History

SimpCity has a rich history dating back to its first release in 1989. Will Wright, the creator of SimpCity, initially developed the game as an educational tool for urban planning and management. The success of the original game led to numerous sequels and spin-offs.
SimpCity 2000 was released in 1993 with improved graphics and more complex gameplay features. In 1999, SimpCity 3000 introduced a new era of three-dimensional graphics and allowed players to build cities on different terrain types.
The franchise suffered a setback with the release of SimpCity 4 in 2003 due to technical issues and bugs that plagued the game’s launch. Despite this setback, fans continued to support the series.
In March of 2013, Electronic Arts released a rebooted version simply titled “SimpCity.” This version faced criticism for requiring an always-online connection and having limited city sizes but still managed to sell over two million copies within six months of its release.
SimpCity’s long-standing history is a testament to its enduring popularity among gamers who continue to enjoy building their virtual metropolises.

SimpCity’s Features

SimpCity is a game that offers a wide range of features to its players. One of the most interesting features is the ability to build and manage your own city. You start by designing each building, road, and infrastructure element in your city.
Another great feature about SimpCity is that you can control every aspect of your city’s development. From managing traffic flow to zoning regulations, you have complete autonomy over how your city functions.
The game also provides an immersive experience through realistic simulation elements such as weather patterns and natural disasters. These events will test your ability to handle unexpected situations in real-time.
One particularly unique feature about SimpCity is its multiplayer capabilities. You can connect with other players online and collaborate on projects together or compete against each other for resources and territory.
These features make SimpCity an engaging and dynamic game that offers endless hours of entertainment for players who enjoy strategy and simulation games alike.

How to Use SimpCity

SimpCity is a powerful tool for anyone looking to manage multiple social media accounts with ease. But how exactly do you use it?
First, you’ll need to select which social media platforms you want to connect. SimpCity supports all major platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Once your accounts are connected, you can start scheduling posts in advance. This feature allows you to plan out content weeks or even months ahead of time ensuring that your profiles always have fresh content.
In addition to post scheduling, SimpCity also provides detailed analytics for each account. These analytics include engagement rates and follower growth which can help inform future marketing strategies.
Another useful feature is the ability to assign tasks and collaborate with team members directly within the platform. This ensures smooth communication between team members while also providing an easy way to track progress on various projects.
Using SimpCity is straightforward and intuitive making it a great choice for individuals or businesses looking to streamline their social media management process.

SimpCity’s Proxy System

SimpCity’s Proxy System is a key feature that sets it apart from other city-building games. With the proxy system, players can access and manage multiple cities at once without having to switch between accounts. This feature allows for greater efficiency in managing resources and communication with neighboring cities.
Players can choose to use private or public proxies depending on their needs. Private proxies are recommended for those who want complete control over their connection, while public proxies are an excellent option for those who want to save money but still have good performance.
One of the main advantages of using a proxy is that it helps players avoid IP bans and restrictions when playing SimpCity online. Since each proxy has its unique IP address, players can bypass geographical restrictions imposed by some countries or servers.
Moreover, SimpCity’s Proxy System provides enhanced security features such as encryption protocols and firewall protection that keep player information safe from hackers or malicious third parties.
The Proxy System adds value to SimpCity by offering flexibility and convenience in terms of resource management and community building gameplay. It’s an innovative solution that makes playing this game both enjoyable and secure!


SimpCity is a great tool for internet marketers and businesses that need to manage multiple social media accounts. Its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and reliable proxy system make it stand out from other automation tools in the market. By using SimpCity, you can save time on managing your social media profiles while also boosting your online presence.
However, it’s important to note that using proxies with SimpCity comes with its risks. If you don’t choose a trustworthy provider or if you use them improperly, you may put yourself at risk of getting banned from the platforms or facing legal consequences.
To avoid these issues, make sure to do thorough research before choosing a proxy provider and follow best practices when using them together with SimpCity. By doing so, you can enjoy all the benefits of this powerful automation tool without any negative consequences.
We highly recommend giving SimpCity a try if you’re looking for an efficient and effective way to manage your social media accounts!