Biometric Attendance Machine and building management system

Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. has revolutionized the way businesses keep track of attendance with their new Biometric Attendance Machine. This innovative technology enables businesses to manage their employees’ attendance quickly and efficiently. Not only is it easy to use, but it also features a Building Management System that helps to track and analyze employee attendance data. This machine provides businesses with a cost-effective and efficient way to monitor their workforce, ensuring they can stay on top of attendance-related tasks.

About the company

Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. is an established name in the world of technology and security solutions. The company specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions to customers across different industries. They offer an extensive range of products such as Biometric Attendance Machines and Building Management Systems. Their aim is to provide innovative solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance safety. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they have earned the trust of their clients and are considered the best in the business.

The product

Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. offers a Biometric Attendance Machine  and building management system that provides a secure and accurate way to record employee attendance. This machine is designed to save employers time and money by eliminating the need for manual entry of attendance data. It also ensures that employees are not able to cheat the system or enter incorrect information. The Biometric Attendance Machine uses a fingerprint scanner to accurately identify the user, making it virtually impossible to cheat the system.

The machine also features a graphical display that shows the total number of employees present, as well as their names and other pertinent information. The machine is also capable of automatically recording time-in and time-out of each employee, allowing employers to easily track hours worked. This system is also highly secure, preventing unauthorized access to employee data. Overall, the Biometric Attendance Machine is an efficient and cost-effective solution for employers who want to streamline their attendance tracking processes.

Building Management System

Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. provides an advanced Building Management System (BMS) for their biometric attendance machine. This system is designed to improve the efficiency and security of buildings, allowing for more accurate tracking of personnel. The BMS features an advanced access control system with facial recognition and secure authentication, as well as a range of user-friendly tools to help manage and monitor building access, including user profiles, visitor logs, and access log reports. The BMS also provides remote access control, enabling authorized personnel to open doors from outside the building. This allows for better monitoring and control of who enters the building and when. Additionally, the BMS can be used to generate detailed reports, making it easier to analyze activity and trends in the building.


The benefits

Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. offers a Biometric Attendance Machine that comes with a range of beneficial features. This machine ensures accurate, secure and efficient employee attendance tracking, eliminating manual paperwork and costly payroll processing errors. It can also help employers in maintaining better time management, especially in large organizations where hundreds of people come in and out each day. The machine allows for real-time data collection and can be integrated into a Building Management System for centralized access. Other benefits include greater accuracy in attendance data and reduced risk of human error or fraud. Additionally, it offers advanced reporting capabilities to make payroll and personnel management easier. Ultimately, the Biometric Attendance Machine from Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. provides an effective and reliable way to monitor employee attendance, enabling employers to better manage their workforce. Moreover, the biometric technology used in this device enhances security as it is virtually impossible to falsify time entries. The device also reduces costs associated with manually collecting time sheets, making it an economical solution for many businesses. Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. makes sure that this device is user friendly and easy to install, offering customer support services throughout its lifetime. This means companies will have a hassle-free experience when implementing this machine and will have access to experienced technicians whenever needed.

The drawbacks

Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. offers biometric attendance machines that come with their own set of drawbacks. Firstly, the cost of installation and maintenance can be quite high, and this is something that needs to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to invest in a biometric attendance machine. Additionally, biometric attendance machines may also not be able to recognize certain people or have difficulty recognizing some individuals, which can lead to incorrect information being captured. There are also privacy concerns associated with biometric attendance machines as they store personal data that can be vulnerable to theft or misuse. Finally, biometric attendance machines may be prone to malfunction or breakdown due to system errors or power outages. This means that an organization will need to regularly check and maintain its systems to ensure it functions correctly. Despite the drawbacks mentioned above, Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. has developed reliable and efficient biometric attendance machines that provide organizations with an accurate way of tracking employee attendance. These machines are easy to install and use and offer secure methods for storing employee data. With Time & Xcess Information Systems (Pvt.) Ltd., you can ensure the accuracy and reliability of your time-tracking processes while protecting the privacy of your staff members.