Read Record Of The Mightiest Lord Chapter 1


A king has a duty to his subjects. He must do what is best for them. Even when he disagrees with the way they live, he must treat them with compassion and love. He may lose their love, but he will always gain their respect. By doing so, he gains their loyalty. With their loyalty, he gains the loyalty of his kingdom.

Who is the Mightiest Lord?

There was only one king who was called “Mightiest Lord”, and he was none other than Alexander the Great. It was said that he conquered most of the known world, and he was the first to unite the Mediterranean. He brought the Greeks to the highest level of achievement and glory. He was one of the greatest conquerors of all time. If we had to name the mightiest person, we would have to call him Alexander the Great. In his life, he accomplished so much that we can’t even imagine it. This man changed the world and made history. He was the mightiest Lord.

What is the story behind the Mightiest Lord?

The Mightiest Lord was known for being compassionate, and he was willing to risk his own life for his people. He helped them, and he protected them from harm. His name was Saint Germain, and he was the “mightiest lord”. Saint Germain has been called many names throughout history, including The Holy Guardian Angel, The Angel of the Lord, the Angel of Peace, The Archangel Michael, The Great White Light, The Savior, The Son of God, The Prince of Peace, The Prince of the Realm of Paradise, The Prince of Peace, The Prince of Peace, the Divine Physician, the Universal Lord, the Universal Father, and The Master. These names were given to him by people who were close to him, but they also came from people who had never met him, and they weren’t even Christian. Most of these names were given to him after he ascended to the 7th dimension. He was seen as one of the most powerful spiritual.

The First Battle “mightiest Lord”

The first battle is between the Lord of heaven and the Earth. This battle started at the dawn of history, and it still exists today. The winner of this battle is the “mightiest Lord” and is the supreme ruler of all people. The losers of this battle are the “mightiest Lords” who serve under the “mightiest Lord”. When the “mightiest Lord” rules in a place, he is said to be “the King of Heaven”. The king had lost his confidence in the prowess of his army and sent for a wise elder who advised him that only through a change in strategy could he defeat his enemy. The king immediately changed his tactics and marched out to meet the enemy at the front where the battle was raging. In a fierce battle the armies were locked in combat, but suddenly the tide turned. The brave general of the enemy army was struck down by a spear and fell dead into the dust. He was buried and the battle ended with a decisive victory for the king.


You are the mightiest Lord that ever was or ever will be! Just because you’ve had one or two bad days does not mean that you are no longer mighty! No matter who tries to hold you back or keep you from your purpose in life, you still remain powerful. God’s mighty purpose has been laid out for you, so do not allow anyone or anything to get in your way. Even if the road is long and difficult, take one step at a time, focus on the moment, and move toward your goals with courage. The obstacles are only temporary. You are destined to succeed.