The Dark Mages Return to Enlistment Chapter 10


Vaelor stood outside the imposing gates of the Enlistment Guild, his heart pounding with a mix of trepidation and determination. He had come a long way since the day he was banished from the Guild, marked as a dark mage and accused of unspeakable crimes. Now, he was back to face his past and seek the truth that had eluded him for so long.

The night was enveloped in an eerie silence as he made his way through the familiar halls of the Guild. The torches on the walls cast flickering shadows, each step echoing through the empty corridors. Memories of his past life as a respected mage, an ally to the Guildmaster, and a protector of the kingdom haunted him at every turn.

The Dark Mages Return to Enlistment Chapter 10: A Synopsis

As he approached the Guildmaster’s chamber, Vaelor hesitated for a moment. The room held memories both bitter and sweet, and the confrontation ahead was bound to be intense. But he couldn’t afford to falter now, not when he was so close to the truth.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed open the chamber door and found himself face to face with the Guildmaster, Lord Ardan, a man he once admired and trusted.

“Vaelor,” Lord Ardan sneered, his eyes filled with disdain. “What brings you back here after all this time? I thought you had vanished from our realm for good.”

Vaelor’s voice was calm but firm. “I have returned to seek the truth, Guildmaster. I will not rest until I clear my name and expose the real culprit behind the assassination of the Queen.”

Lord Ardan laughed mockingly, rising from his seat. “You still cling to the delusion of your innocence? You are a dark mage, Vaelor, and dark mages are not to be trusted.”

Vaelor’s eyes blazed with indignation. “You know as well as I do that I didn’t commit that crime. I was framed, and you were the one who accused me without evidence. What do you fear, Guildmaster? The truth?”

Lord Ardan’s expression darkened, and for a moment, uncertainty flickered in his eyes. “The truth?” he retorted, regaining his composure. “The truth is that you were always a liability to the Guild, a potential threat to our plans. It was in our best interest to get rid of you.”

Vaelor’s heart sank as he realized the depth of Lord Ardan’s deceit. “You orchestrated the entire scheme, didn’t you?” Vaelor asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Lord Ardan smirked, his arrogance on full display. “It was a necessary sacrifice for the greater good. The Queen’s death paved the way for us to seize control of the kingdom and restore the rightful order.”

“You betrayed everything the Guild stood for!” Vaelor shouted, anger surging through his veins. “Your thirst for power led you to betray your own allies, to betray me.”

Lord Ardan shrugged nonchalantly. “Power is the currency of this world, Vaelor. I did what I had to do to ensure the Guild’s survival and prosperity.”

“You destroyed lives, including your own daughter’s!” Vaelor cried, his voice choked with emotion.

A flicker of regret crossed Lord Ardan’s face, but it was quickly replaced with a cold mask of indifference. “Aria was an unfortunate casualty of the plan,” he admitted. “But she was weak and too sentimental, a hindrance to our goals.”

The Dark Mages’ Return: Fan Theories and Speculations

Vaelor’s heart twisted with sorrow for Aria, who had once been his friend and ally. He had suspected that she was unaware of her father’s dark deeds, but now he knew the truth was far more complicated.

“You are no better than the dark forces you claim to fight against,” Vaelor accused. “You have become the very evil you sought to eradicate.”

Lord Ardan’s eyes flashed with rage. “Enough of your self-righteousness, Vaelor! You were nothing more than a pawn in our grand design, a means to an end. It’s time you accept your fate as a dark mage and face the consequences of your actions.”

“No,” Vaelor said defiantly, a surge of determination coursing through him. “I refuse to accept the role you’ve forced upon me. I may have been consumed by darkness once, but I’ve learned that it is not the darkness that defines me, but the choices I make.”

With those words, Vaelor summoned his dark magic, the very power that had caused him so much pain and anguish. But this time, he felt a newfound sense of control, harnessing the darkness without letting it consume him.

Lord Ardan’s eyes widened in surprise, but he quickly composed himself, drawing upon his own formidable magic. The chamber crackled with the clash of their powers as the two mages engaged in a fierce battle.

Vaelor’s heart raced as he fought against his former mentor, determined to bring the truth to light and put an end to Lord Ardan’s reign of deception. He knew the odds were stacked against him, but he had no other choice.

The Author’s Artistry: Craftsmanship in Chapter 10

The battle raged on, their magic tearing through the chamber, leaving destruction in its wake. Vaelor’s determination and resilience proved to be formidable, and with each passing moment, he gained the upper hand.

“You cannot defeat me, Vaelor,” Lord Ardan snarled, desperation creeping into his voice. “I am more powerful than you can ever hope to be.”

Vaelor’s voice rang out, strong and unwavering. “Your power is built on lies and deceit. It is hollow and will crumble beneath the weight of truth and justice.”

With a final surge of energy, Vaelor unleashed a powerful spell that sent Lord Ardan sprawling to the ground, his dark magic dissipating into nothingness.

The Dark Mages Return: A Tale of Redemption or Ruin?

The chamber fell into silence as Vaelor stood victorious over his fallen foe. But there was no triumph in his heart, only a profound sadness for what could have been.

“You were like a father to me once,” Vaelor said, his voice tinged with sorrow. “But now, you are nothing more than a stranger.”

Lord Ardan glared at Vaelor with hatred in his eyes. “You will pay for this, Vaelor. The Guild will not rest until you are eradicated.”

Vaelor’s resolve remained unshaken. “I will face whatever consequences come my way, but I will not back down from seeking justice and exposing the truth.”

With those words, Vaelor turned and walked away from the fallen Guildmaster, leaving behind the life he once knew and the darkness that had consumed him.


As the sun rose over the horizon, Vaelor emerged from the Enlistment Guild, a new man with a purpose that transcended the darkness of his past. He had faced his demons and emerged stronger for it, and now he would use his powers for good, to protect the kingdom and ensure that the truth prevailed. As he walked into the light of a new day, Vaelor knew that his journey was far from over. The road ahead was uncertain, but he was no longer the dark mage he once was. He was Vaelor, a mage with the power to choose his destiny, to bring light to the darkest corners of the world, and to forge a new path filled with hope and redemption.