Winzo Appoints Youtuber Carry Minati as Brand Ambassador


Youtuber Carry Minati has joined the WinZO brand as its new Brand Ambassador. With the support of Carry and her large social media following, WinZO will launch a series of short-form videos featuring Carry on the brand’s Facebook page. The campaign is designed to build awareness of WinZO’s high quality, organic and vegan snacks. The first video features Carry reviewing WinZO’s Organic Popcorn Mix and the second showcases Carry showing how to prepare the snack with WinZO’s new Vegetable Roll-Up. To find out more about Carry, please visit

What is the Winzo App?

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Why is Carry Minati Selected as the Brand Ambassador?

Carry Minati has a good brand ambassador because of her leadership, professionalism, and dedication. She is always committed to providing the best service possible. Carry Minati is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to carrying cases. Her knowledge is invaluable when it comes to assisting customers. Carry Minati is always willing to go above and beyond for her clients. He is highly reliable and a pleasure to work with. The reason is because of the quality of our product and its success in the market. Our products have been very popular in the markets, especially in the domestic market. We are very satisfied with the quality of the product and our customers’ feedback on our products. Carry Minati has also been very successful in gaining the trust of our consumers and the market in general. The success of Carry Minati is also due to our marketing strategies which include effective advertising, good marketing strategy, and other ways to increase our awareness and brand visibility.

What is the role of Carry Minati in Winzo?

Carry Minati has been there from the beginning. He’s been there in the early days when it was still a startup. He’s been there through the launch, and he’s been there when we were looking for investors, and he’s been there when we started the new fundraising round. He’s been there for our success, and he’s been there for our failures. He’s always been there to guide us. As a founder, he’s got a very unique set of skills and experience. In fact, he has been the first investor to see the true potential of our company. That’s why he’s here. He’s here to protect the value of Winzo. Carry Minati has been our resident writer for more than two years. He writes about all aspects of our company and our customers, from how we’ve changed the way we work to how we keep our customers happy. Our product team uses her writing to communicate new features and changes to our users. We use her writing to promote our events and products in the community. Our customers, too, have told us that they appreciate Carry’s creative voice and her ability to craft well-written copy that makes them feel good about working with us. He’s our resident copywriter.

What is the future plan of Carry Minati in Winzo?

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