Bad Boys TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date


Bad Boys TV Series is an upcoming American action crime thriller television series that is set to premiere on CBS in 2022. The series will be created by Michael Bay and will be executive produced by his production company Platinum Dunes.

Cast & Crew

The upcoming TV series “Bad Boys,” a spin-off of the popular movie franchise, boasts an impressive cast and crew. The show will be executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who also produced the movies, and Doug Belgrad. Gabrielle Union will reprise her role as Syd Burnett from “Bad Boys II” as the lead character.
Joining Union in the cast is Jessica Alba as Nancy McKenna, Syd’s new partner. Other notable cast members include Ernie Hudson as Joseph Burnett, Zach Gilford as Ben Walker, Duane Martin as Ben Baines and Ryan McPartlin as Patrick McKenna.
The show has brought on board talented writers such as Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier to pen the script while Anton Cropper serves as director for multiple episodes.
With such an experienced team behind it, Bad Boys promises to deliver action-packed entertainment with a fresh twist on the familiar concept of buddy cop comedies. Fans can’t wait for its release!

Release Date

Fans of the Bad Boys franchise have been eagerly anticipating the release of its spin-off TV series, Bad Boys (2022). And now we finally have a set date. The show is scheduled to premiere on September 6th, 2022, exclusively on Spectrum Originals.
The release date announcement was made in April 2021 on social media by one of the stars of the show, Zach McGowan. This gave fans something to look forward to after years of waiting since news about a potential Bad Boys spin-off first came out.
It’s worth noting that while the TV series shares similarities with its predecessor film franchise, it has an entirely different storyline and cast. As such, viewers can expect new characters and fresh plotlines from this upcoming crime-action drama.
With just a few months left until its release date, fans are counting down every day for this highly anticipated TV series debut. Will it live up to expectations? Only time will tell!

What to Expect

Get ready for an action-packed and thrilling ride as the iconic Bad Boys franchise makes its way to television screens with the upcoming TV series, “Bad Boys (2022)”! Here’s what you can expect from this highly anticipated show.
Firstly, fans of the original Bad Boys movies can look forward to seeing some familiar faces on their screens. The new series will feature Gabrielle Union reprising her role as Syd Burnett, who first appeared in “Bad Boys II”. Alongside her will be Jessica Alba as Nancy McKenna, a fellow detective and Syd’s partner.
Expect plenty of intense action scenes, car chases and explosions that are synonymous with the franchise. With Michael Bay serving as executive producer, viewers can anticipate high-octane set-pieces that will keep them on the edge of their seats.
Moreover, in addition to the adrenaline-fueled action sequences, audiences can also look forward to exploring deeper into Syd’s character arc. As she navigates both personal and professional challenges alongside McKenna while taking down criminals across LA streets – there is bound to be a lot of character development throughout the season.
Overall,”Bad Boys (2022)” promises to deliver all elements necessary for a great TV series- compelling characters facing tough obstacles against an exciting backdrop. It looks like it’ll be worth tuning in when it premieres next year!


To conclude, the upcoming Bad Boys TV series is definitely a must-watch for action lovers and fans of the original movie franchise. With an incredible cast and crew behind it, this show is sure to be packed with thrilling moments, hilarious banter, and heart-pumping action.
While we still have some time to wait until its release date later in 2022, we can take solace in knowing that when it finally arrives, it will be well worth the wait. So mark your calendars and get ready for another wild ride with Miami’s finest detectives – Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey!